"Sean.Jean.Rule.Bean" Therefore, I realized how come Chinese old couples used to show best will of "Sean.Jean.Rule.Bean" to each other, because you lie, you have no right to hur 西裝外套t, your marriage does not build on honesty that Chinese said "Kite.Chen.Boot.Gong", you have no right to hu 商務中心rt each other; that how the Ghost made me to tell that evil doer immediately after he taken advantage of my parentless homeles 開幕活動s poor condition to look down me and made that most invisible forceful proposal (So that I can at least live inside a "house" instead of messing 租辦公室along with those sucking shameless brainless cold cold hard immoral female dressed animals grouped sucking "銘傳商專"; he's evil doer, he does not need to rely on wor 東森房屋ds to show that looking down, and evil doer indeed can see the point of view that good better best can see. All "銘傳商專"linked tied indeed more deserve to be killed than any other evil C 西裝hinese man. Therefore, I realizd how come that sucking shameless brainless cold cold hard immoral "銘傳商專" 夜間部  alumnus 孫欣 [886-7-3513121/7416503] must have to invite herself to work in Ticona In 租辦公室dustrial Associates Kaohsiung without even to tell me in advance, so that to show how she linked to evil doer JungShiauLin to force him to seal his lips from me, because that sucking shameless brainless cold cold hard immoral fem 土地買賣ale dressed animal 孫欣 knew that I was too stupid to see that point of view by myself. I can see evil now, through the message from the Ghost site and sight. ) to me on the floor of that poor narrow rental room : that I don't love him, that I don&# 宜蘭民宿39;t do house work, that I don't take care little kids, so that I can have all right to show my true color in front of his ears and eyes.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 情色  .
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